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Integrate your mapping solutions with our mobility solution and instantly track your employees, assets, or even receive real-time reports including pictures and videos from your mobile workforce on the field. Also integration of your mobile fleet solutions to track goods in real time and obtain the appropriate IoT assistance with the help of real time monitoring feature.

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Efficient Data Management

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Help customers with the data

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Eliminating data redudancy


Frequently asked questions

In simple terms, enterprise mobility solutions are the universe of connected digital devices. Mobility entails the ability to reinvent business processes by providing access to information that is current and relevant at the time.
Mobility solutions, such as Device Magic, Fulcrum, and Magpi, enable you to collect vital data efficiently through numerous touchpoints. It also provides a framework for managing vast amounts of data and providing higher value to clients.
There are several points to do it such as; Determining the mobility issues, planning ahead and choosing a mobility management strategy. Select a solution for Mobile Device Management. Use the MDM solution to safely integrate Enterprise Mobility.
Through an integrated and simplified single window operating platform, enterprise mobility enables employees to have simple access to company data faster and through a safer interchange of information. It also increases the efficiency of the system by allowing for real-time updates.
Mobility as a service (MaaS) is a form of service that allows consumers to plan, book, and pay for a variety of mobility services using a single digital channel. The term refers to a transition away from privately owned modes of transportation and toward mobility as a service.
In addition to delivering tailored mobility options, MaaS provides significant societal benefits, such as reduced emissions, traffic congestion, road injuries, and general trip misery. The history of the vehicle is recorded on the dashboard.

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