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What is Location Intelligence?

Location Intelligence is the collection and analysis of many sources of geospatial data that are transformed into strategic insights to solve a variety of business challenges. Location intelligence helps businesses use location data to solve their most complex questions and challenges.

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Ability to compile and enrich datasets

location intelligence use cases

Integrated system design

what is location intelligence

Reduce operational risk

business intelligence to automated workflow

Automated Workflows

using location intelligcence data visualization

Minimizes manual error and costs

business intelligence of geospatial data

Relevant information gathered and accessible in one system

How Location Intelligence works

geographic information
to identify a wide range of data
used to tracks amounts of trends from location
location intelligence use cases


Interact proactively with many different sources of data at once and visualise your results at any time.

Having information displayed in an easy-to-visualise way means that you can make decisions quickly and easily, without having to cipher through files and lists of information.


Use advanced statistical analysis with big data and machine learning techniques to understand what was previously hidden.

This information improves your understanding of the environment and its influencers, so you can make justified business decisions.


Gain access to multiple sources of data (e.g demographic, numbers of competitors, footfall, traffic.).

Geoenrichment is a fundamental factor when developing a business strategy; having the detailed information to target your market is essential to your performance.

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