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What is Geomarketing?

Know your customers with Geomarketing. You can create very complete profiles of clients: who they are what socioeconomic level they have, where they live, how they travel to get to your business, buying habits. You can also discover behavior patterns based on certain criteria that will help you to offer exactly what you are looking for.

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Geomarketing interest and advantage

sales territories

Increase effectiveness for transport routes

Examine the effectiveness and efficiency of the current transport route. It also looks for different ways to adapt the route to new customers or values if it is necessary to build a new distribution center. It can even value integrate a home delivery service if you do not have it.

the right commercial network

Optimization of Commercial Networks

In case of having several establishments open in different geographical locations, geomarketing provides a series of data and information on their economic performance and the market share that each of them achieves.

drive sales information

Drive Sales with Information Obtained

Geomarketing offers a large amount of data about its customers, about the competition, about new business possibilities. It is the job of the company manager to assess this information, process it, so that all this becomes an increase in sales. As it can be said, information is power, and geomarketing is information.

identification business oppurtinities via geomarketing

Identification of new business opportunities

Analyzed and optimized the current commercial network, it is time to consider if it is possible to expand this network and look for new opportunities. It is important to first study different locations in which potential customers are found with similar profiles to those that already have current consumers of our product.


Frequently asked questions

Geomarketing Solutions is a retail analytics firm that combines the art and science of retail consulting with the most up-to-date and comprehensive technology capabilities.
Location data has been shown to increase the effectiveness of marketing campaigns by as much as 80%. It all comes down to relevancy. By marketing to your clients based on a combination of prior visitor behaviour and where they are currently, Geomarketing allows you to take relevance and personalization to the next level.
Geomarketing is a type of marketing that uses location data to focus advertising and promotions on specific areas in order to reach consumers with relevant messages. Geomarketing, for example, can assist you to avoid promoting winter jackets in Jakarta or bikinis in Papua mountains.
GeoMarketing facilitates two-way contact between the company and the customer. The user will have a better experience since they will feel valued and recognized by the company. For the company, it now has direct access to information from the client.
Geofencing marketing is a real-time location-based marketing strategy that leverages geolocation data to target people inside a defined geographic area and offers content based on where they are or have previously visited.
Despite today's digital atmosphere and the rise of remote working, the geographic location continues to play an important part in the business world. It has an impact on marketing, assists in the formation of B2B and B2C relationships, and has a significant impact on the workforce.

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