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What is Asset Collaterals?

Value an Asset and have them all the relevant information gathered in one system. conducting easy and cost-efficient collateral management process. Track your assets and estimate of its fair value (market value) by identifying the physical condition and more quality aspects.

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Asset Collateral for risk management

Collateral monitoring

Collateral Monitoring

risk management

Handle cross-product collateralization and operational risk with confidence

risk management to the business

Strong credit and operational risk management

automated workflows

Automated workflows

Help with your collateral management strategy with these features

integrated system

Integrated system design

management of the risk

Reduce operational risk

mitage risk of the projects

Automated Workflows

reduce manual error and costs

Minimizes manual error and costs

risk assessment in one platform

Relevant information gathered and accessible in one system


Frequently asked questions

A lender accepts an asset as collateral for a loan. Depending on the loan's purpose, collateral may include real estate or other assets. For the lender, the collateral serves as insurance. Asset Collaterals concept is to manage your assets whether is a loan or lent.
The fair market value of the assets used to secure a loan is referred to as collateral value. The value of the collateral is usually calculated by comparing previous selling prices of similar items or by having the asset appraised by a competent specialist.
Security vs Collateral is the key difference between pledging other assets and securities as collateral is that securities have a fluctuating value (as opposed to more stable assets like land, housing, and so on), therefore the lender may be more at risk if the portfolio begins to lose value.
Collateral is a term used to describe an asset that a lender accepts as security for a loan. Depending on the purpose of the loan, collateral can be real estate or other types of assets. The lender's interest is protected by the collateral.
Collateralizing derivative transactions minimize counterparty credit risk and improve pricing and market access. This enables treasurers to efficiently fund their businesses. Asset Collaterals management can put and mitigate the situations to be more precisely counted.

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