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What is Google For Education?

Google for Education is about learning for everyone, anywhere. We believe that every student and every educator, in every classroom, deserves the tools and skills that set them up for success in building the future they want for themselves.

So we are committed to supporting students, partnering with educators, building products and making impactful investments that help expand access to education through technology

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What We Offer

goole education with cloud platform

Google Cloud for Education

Understand student success, boost research, or improve infrastructure with the secure, easy-to-use tools of Google Cloud.

google workspace for education

Google Workspace for Education

Transform how educators and students learn, work, and innovate together with free, secure tools from Google Workspace for Education.



Make learning more effective and engaging with Chromebooks — simple, secure, and shareable devices that teachers and students can use to create and collaborate.

google workspace for education to community

Learning, no matter what

As 1.5 billion learners have been impacted by school closures, thank you to the entire education community for stepping up. No matter what learning looks like, we’re here to help.

google workspace for education in South Korea

South Korean teacher turns to Google for Education's accessibility features

Chang-Dong Ryu teaches more than just history at Seohyun Middle School in South Korea; for the the educator, who is blind, accessibility and equality are always in the lesson plan. When his school started using Google Classroom in 2020, the tool’s accessibility features made it was easier for him to teach his students deeper lessons about acceptance and ability.

google wokspace for education in shirdi urdu school

The power of remote learning with Google for Education

Shirdi Urdu School in Maharashtra showed us that come what may, with the right tools and effective use of technology there is no lockdown on learning. When schools were forced to shut, teachers like Azmat Iqbal transformed every home into a classroom for millions of children around the world, with the help of tools from #GoogleForEducation.

google wokspace for education in Japan

Japan’s GIGA School program partners with Google for Education

The Japan government has launched an initiative called GIGA (Global Innovation Gateway for All) that will allow local boards of education to provides a device for each student in Grades 1-9. About half of Boards of Education are selecting Google for Education (Chromebooks and Google Workspace for Education) for it's security, ease of management, and because it's great for collaborative, student centered learning.

Supercharge your lessons with Google For Education

g suite mail g suite calendar g suite docs g suite drive

Google Workspace for Education

Everything you need to empower learning, now in one place. Create, communicate, and collaborate together — anywhere, anytime, on any device. Explore free and upgraded editions.

g suite classroom


A tool within Google Workspace for Education for educators to create, review, and organize assignments.

google wokspace for education chromebook


A range of fast, affordable, shareable devices that update automatically and are easy to set up and manage.


Frequently asked questions

Google for Education is a Google service that allows customers to customize their own versions of numerous Google products using their own domain name. Utilizing many applications such as Gmail, Hangouts, Meet, Google Calendar, Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Groups, News, Play, Sites, and Vault. There are among the Web programs that provide similar functionality to traditional office suites. The products are also compatible with Chromebooks, which can be added to the educational institution's Google Workspace Domain.
Google for Education is a collection of Google's digital educational tools. Teachers, students, researchers, and organizations at all levels can benefit from the tools, which are designed to be utilized for hosting and sharing digital documents, as well as communication and collaboration via cloud-based technology.
Google Workspace for Education offers a set of cloud-based solutions to K–12 and higher-education institutions, as well as homeschooling families. Consider Google Workspace for Education Plus if your institution has more complex IT requirements. It also has enterprise-level features including comprehensive administrator controls and better analytics to gain more insight.
Google Workspace for Education or the old name G Suite Education is a collection of Google technologies and services designed to help schools and homeschools communicate, expedite instruction, and keep students secure while studying. Google Workspace for Education has a variety of choices to match the needs of your company.

All qualifying institutions are eligible for a complimentary copy of Education Fundamentals. Next, all three subscriptions: Education Standard, Teaching and Learning Upgrade, and Education Plus are paid.

Yes. For Education Standard, Teaching and Learning Upgrade, or Education Plus, you can acquire a 60–day trial of 50 licenses. Contact a Google Workspace partner for more information. To learn more, please contact us.
Education Standard, Teaching and Learning Upgrade, and Education Plus are all annual subscriptions with a few exceptions, such as the ability to purchase Teaching and Learning Upgrade on a monthly basis and/or commit to more than one year of Education Plus. Prices are fixed for the duration of the subscription. Please contact us for more information.

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