First Farm-to-Table e-Commerce concept in Indonesia

Google Maps Result

  • Cost savings of up to 50%.
  • Time saving in determining shipping routes.
  • Improve user experience.
  • Improve the accuracy of location data for precise delivery of fruit and vegetables

About Sayurbox

Sayurbox is an e-commerce company with the first farm-to-table concept in Indonesia. With an extensive network of local farmers, Sayurbox provides its customers with healthy organic or conventional vegetables and fruits every day.

Industry: E-Commerce
Location: Indonesia
Product: Google Maps Platform


Case Study

Sayurbox comes with a sales and delivery solution for fruits and vegetables that are harvested and shipped directly from farmers to their customers. Sayurbox offers same day delivery service, which is the key to maintaining the freshness of the fruits and vegetables when they arrive at their customers’ door. The number of users on the Sayurbox website is currently more than 400,000 visitors a month, with the number of downloads of the Sayurbox application on the Google Play Store reaching 500,000 downloads.

Location data accuracy

Initially, Sayurbox only used basic features of Google Maps Platform to get location latitude and longitude data so that it could facilitate the delivery of fruits and vegetables ordered by its customers. Since Google Maps Platform has more than 200 million location data with more than 200 thousands location and places data updates every day, this convinced Sayurbox to choose Google Maps Platform as the source of latitude and longitude data with high level of accuracy and precision.

Rama Notowidigdo, CTO of Sayurbox, revealed that the implementation of Google Maps Platform by an internal team without involving assistance from local partners has led to increased usage costs.

50% cost efficiency

“It’s simple, you guys (Terralogiq) give solutions that work and it’s proven. My cost reduced nearly by 50%. So nothing can beat that.”

Rama Notowidigdo - CTO Sayurbox

Sayurbox has grown in Indonesia to become the best platform for instant sales and delivery of fruits and vegetables. Sayurbox realizes that the existence of a local Indonesian Google Maps Platform partner makes Sayurbox breathe a sigh of relief because Google Maps Platform license payments can use the Indonesian Rupiah. Besides that, Sayurbox gets other benefits in the form of suggestions and inputs on Google Maps implementation on Sayurbox’s application to make it more optimal.

Rama said that by implementing the suggestions and inputs from Terralogiq as the Google Maps Platform Premier Partner on the use of SKUs/APIs, Sayurbox has reduced expenses by up to 50%. According to him, there is no other partner who can provide the maximum assistance like Terralogiq.

Delivery time efficiency

“The biggest achievement for us, the next step is instant delivery. So with this solution we can actually bring the freshness to the doorstep lot faster, and help us a lot in the pandemic.”

Rama Notowidigdo - CTO Sayurbox

Sayurbox's advantage is the same day delivery service. This service allows fruit and vegetables ordered to be delivered on the same day without having to wait for days which can affect the quality of fruit and vegetables when it is in a hot environment.

It is the auto-routing delivery system developed by Sayurbox using Google Maps Platform technology that can fulfill this innovation. Without auto-routing, Sayurbox team took an hour to determine the delivery route manually. But with auto-routing it only takes a few minutes.

Improve user experience

Google Maps is the Maps Platform with more than 1 billion users worldwide. This is not surprising when Sayurbox chose Google Maps in developing its application, apart from being familiar to use, the completeness of the data that Google Maps has is also one of the reasons.

By using the Google Maps Platform, Sayurbox can easily determine the point of location of its customers with an interactive map and also an address search called Autocomplete. With autocomplete features, customers only need a few seconds to accurately determine the address as the delivery address for the fruit and vegetables they ordered.

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