Paxel Fulfill SLA For 99%-99.5% Successful Delivery On Time

Google Maps Result

  • Improves delivery accuracy with precise location data on Google Maps.
  • Reducing 99% pickup and delivery time.
  • Simplifies pickup/delivery process with autocomplete prompts in search bar.
  • Easiest drag marker for location pickup/ delivery with mobile dynamic map.
  • Improves user experience while using the application.

About Paxel

Paxel is a modern logistics company that has experience and expertise in freight pick-up and same-day delivery services. Has 1.7 million users and 4.1 million shipments spread across 13 major cities in Indonesia.

Industry: Logistics
Location: Indonesia
Product: Google Maps Platform

Case Study

Indonesia is a country that is geographically spread over 17,000 islands and stretches for 3,200 miles. With the breadth and number of islands in Indonesia, causing the movement of goods from one location to another is also a special concern for logistics industry players in Indonesia.

Established in 2017 and headquartered in Jakarta, Paxel is established with modern goods pick-up and drop-off services in Indonesia. With an investment value of USD $ 7 million, Paxel is able to grow bigger and better known by the wider community so that it has a number of users of more than 1.7 million people spread across major cities in Indonesia including Jakarta, Bogor, Depok, Tangerang, Bekasi, Bandung, Semarang, Solo, Yogyakarta, Malang, Surabaya, Denpasar, Makassar, and will continue to expand to all logistics markets in Indonesia.

Paxel is the first logistics company in Indonesia to implement the same day delivery service between cities in Indonesia. For a distance of 5-10 km, Paxel has instant same day delivery service, while for shipments between big cities, for example Jakarta-Bandung or Surabaya-Bali, offers same day delivery service with a delivery time of 3-4 hours.

Helping couriers deliver goods accurately

Paxel realizes that the biggest logistical problem in Indonesia is location and address, and this has become Paxel's concern in developing an application for delivery and pick-up services. When a customer enters the address manually, how can Paxel know that the address is valid, accurate and still valid. There are several indicators that are of concern in writing an address including city name, zip code and others.

When customers enter address information without a system or mechanism that can validate the address, this can cause ‘Hero’ (as Paxel's courier) spends a lot of time making calls to the recipient of the goods and looking for the real address. Paxel is really trying to reduce these risks as soon as possible.

As a new player in the logistics business, Paxel didn't want to spend a lot of time validating one by one whether the addresses were correct or wrong, so Paxel decided to use the Google Maps Platform service. If your address is on Google Maps and within reach of Paxel, then Paxel will send goods to that address.

Reduces pick-up and delivery time

“The result is that after Paxel used GMP, Paxel can also achieve SLAs in pick-up and
delivery services with up to 99 - 99.5% punctuality”

Erick Soedjasa - CTO Paxel

Since using the Google Maps Platform, in addition to the accuracy and accuracy of the addresses obtained, Paxel can also achieve SLAs in shuttle and pick-up services with up to 99 - 99.5% timeliness. This is important because Paxel has a policy on service guarantee (SLA) for Paxel users, where moreover there is a delay in the delivery and pick-up service, a full refund of shipping costs will be applied to its customers. By ensuring address accuracy and by building the right system, Paxel can fulfill its service guarantee policy (SLA) without risking the company's revenue.

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