Simplifying Access to Indonesian Health Based on Digital Technology

Google Maps Result

  • Cost savings of up to 20%.
  • Improve user experience.
  • Improve the accuracy of location data for precise medicine delivery.

About Halodoc

Halodoc is a company engaged in the field of digital technology-based health which was founded in 2016 and is headquartered in Jakarta. Halodoc has a mission to simplify access to health for the Indonesian people.

Industry: Healthcare
Location: Indonesia
Product: Google Maps Platform

Case Study

Halodoc is here to provide digital health solutions. With an investment of USD $ 65 million, Halodoc is able to grow bigger and become popular in the community. Now, Halodoc has 5 million active website users every month, and its mobile application has more than 5 million users in Indonesia.

Halodoc is a telehealth company with a mission to simplify access to health services for the public. Some of Halodoc's excellent services are that users can teleconsult with doctors from various medical specialties, and they can purchase medicines that will be delivered to their location within 30 minutes. During the Covid-19 pandemic, Halodoc also offers home visit services for Rapid or Swab tests, in collaboration with many healthcare and insurance facilities. This makes it easier for the public to be able to carry out and receive Covid-19 examination without the risk of being exposed to the Corona virus outside of their home.

Solve medicine delivery addresses

“So I think when we begin creating this product, delivery policy [that] we are trying to solve is to deliver the medicine to the right address, so I think Google Maps is our first choice to make sure that the medicine that we deliver is securely arrived at the right locations.”

Alfonsius P Timboel - CPO Halodoc

From the very beginning of product/application development, Halodoc wanted to ensure that medicines delivered would reach the right users and in the fastest time possible. Google Maps Platform is Halodoc's first choice to ensure this.

One of the factors that Halodoc considered when choosing to use Google Maps Platform was the wealth of location data it had. As an illustration, in Google Maps, there are more than 200 million locations around the world that are constantly updating data as many as 200 thousand locations a day. Another factor is that through PT. Terralogiq Integrasi Solusi as the only Google Maps Premier Partner in Indonesia, Halodoc received several optimization suggestions to ensure cost-effective use of Google Maps Platform.

20% cost efficiency

“Our measures are how we can deliver to the right locations. I think what I call out with the help of Terralogiq local supports, we are able to optimize costs of usage in our platform, utilize the right setup API that pretty much local creates, when it leads to cost saving about 20%.”

Alfonsius P Timboel - CPO Halodoc

When Halodoc started to develop in Indonesia as a platform, Halodoc realized the importance of having a Google Maps Partner who has local support capabilities to always help Halodoc optimize integration or ensure Halodoc implements the system properly.

Terralogiq has a certified local support team that helps Halodoc implement the use of the Google Maps Platform API/SKU that inlines with Halodoc's business process needs. This optimization has successfully reduced usage costs by average 20% per month.

Improve user Experience

Since using Google Maps Platform, in addition to the accuracy and validity of the addresses obtained, Halodoc has also improved the user experience by using interactive maps and autocomplete features so that address search can be done by shifting the pinpoint to the desired home location or location. Google's wealth of location data can assist users in finding locations accurately.

Dragging the pinpoint is done to easily determine the address when looking for hospitals, clinics, medical procedures and doctors around it. Users do not have to struggle to seek medical consultation from a general practitioner or a specialist doctor.

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