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Understand Your Business Challenges

Terralogiq has 6 years of experiences in providing Geo Solutions to our clients. We help our clients understand their business challenges and prepared a solution for them. We assist our clients to understand how Google Maps Platform Technology and our own Geospatial solutions can solve your operational and business issues.

Maximize Your Business Potential

We help our clients discover their business potential through advisory on the importance of location intelligence for their business. Our certified Google Maps Sales and Technical team will help you get the best solutions to improve and grow your business.

Our Implementation services

  • Client on board with Google Maps Platform Console
  • Solutions Development
  • Pre Production Testing

Support and Account Management

Our certified Sales and Technical team will provide quarterly review on Maps usage and how our customers can optimise the use of technology. We make sure that our team is working at our clients’ best interest.

We also assist our clients in maintaining their already implemented applications, ensuring our clients get the most benefits from using the technology.


We deliver workshops on Google Maps and our own Geo Solutions to our key portfolios and to our other clients where needed.

We make sure our clients are well informed on Google Maps Technology and geospatial solutions , thus our clients can obtain the maximum return from the technology.

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