Our Partners
Google Enterprise

We help you work the way you live by enhancing our consumer products used by billions with the features and controls your business needs to be productive, innovative and successful. These tools are built to let people work anywhere, anytime, on any device, without loss of security or control. Google's enterprise solutions will change the way you do business.
Digital Globe

DigitalGlobe is a leading global provider of commercial high-resolution earth imagery products and services. Sourced from our own advanced satellite constellation, our imagery solutions support a wide variety of uses within defense and intelligence, civil agencies, mapping and analysis, environmental monitoring, oil and gas exploration, infrastructure management, Internet portals and navigation technology. With our collection sources and comprehensive image library (containing over 4 billion square kilometers of earth imagery and imagery products) we offer a range of on- and offline products and services designed to enable customers to easily access and integrate our imagery into their business operations and applications.
Metrocom Global Solusi

We provide value and quality service in the solution based on open systems with a team of high quality and professional engineers. MGS reflects the expertise and experience by providing the clients the best solution for information technology issues. We serve our clients as problem solvers, independent analysts, project managers, and experienced trainers in the use of information technology to enhance our clients' strategic and operational success.

We are more than a technology company, we are a nimble team of pioneers. Our passion for technology is rooted in what it enables people to explore and create. We see it as our responsibility to help people push beyond their limits, to spark curiosity and ignite discovery with the products we make. We encourage people to explore their potential and the world around them.

Nutiteq Maps for smartphones enables offline maps, 3D and GIS data, extendability and much more for the most advanced apps and professional solutions. Nutiteq is used in wide variety of professional solutions including telecom, military, rescue, mining, professional geodata collection and also end-user smartphone apps in Europe, US, Asia, Australia and Middle East.