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Thu,18 Oct 2018

Google Maps Platform for Logistics

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See what you can do when you combine your logistics and routing data with Google Maps:
  • Optimize routes

    Efficient planning
    Improve and plan route-s more quickly, and coordinate based on fuel consumption, distance, time, traffic and more.

    Coordinate assets
    Get the best route given historical and current traffic conditions.

    Better customer service
    Improve arrival times and know the location of drivers.
  • Optimize people and assets
    Run your fleet
    Easily view drivers and assets by using everyday GPS-enabled devices.

    Manage mobile teams
    View jobs and workers on a map and get predictive travel time, making it easy to assign the right jobs to the right people.

    Improve decision-making
    Make better decisions by seeing trends and patterns of your data on a map.

  • View traffic in real time
    Calculate travel time
    Before drivers set off, predict travel time based on historical time of day and day of week data. Departure time can be set in the future for future planning.

    Monitor traffic
    Traffic can be monitored and routes can be planned in order to improve efficiency. High-traffic areas can be avoided as necessary.

    Update drivers
    Traffic updates can be sent to drivers and give them the best route given the current traffic.

  • Manage supply chain
    Improve monitoring
    Operations staff can easily track and analyze inbound supplies in real time.

    Visualize information
    Improve visibility into the supply chain from direct suppliers by viewing shipments on a map.

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