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Thu,09 Aug 2018

Who is Using Google Maps APIs?

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After 13 years since its launch in 2005, Google Maps is still the most popular and widely used when it comes to digital maps. According to a survey, the Google Maps smartphone app is used by an average of more than 79 million unique users per month, and that’s just the smartphone app. There is also an official Google Maps desktop app, not to mention the millions of third-party applications that use Google Maps APIs.

Google did an online survey on 381 businesses in the Asia Pacific region to learn about how they are using Google Maps APIs. Below are the key findings:

Businesses of all sizes across multiple sectors are benefiting from Google Maps APIs.

One set of APIs, multiple solutions

Many survey respondents introduced Google Maps for a specific purpose — usually to show customers the location of services on a map. They soon discovered its potential across a number of departments.

As more companies encourage experimentation, Google Maps can be the catalyst for testing new theories and promoting innovation. Many people are familiar with Google Maps from outside the workplace and feel comfortable experimenting, then consulting technical specialists to help make them happen.