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About Us

TerralogiQ is a software house and a Google Cloud Partner based in Jakarta, who focuses on delivering Google Geo product solutions and services to add value to your business.

History of TerralogiQ

Founded in 2013, Terralogiq started business as the first Google Geo and the only strategic Google Geo partner in Indonesia. We built our web and mobile solutions by optimizing Google Geo Technology.

As the first Google Geo Partner, we have built numerous large customers portfolios in various industries who successfully implemented our geospatial solutions deployed on Google Maps platform.

Our solutions are not only easy to manage and user friendly, but most importanly add value to your business, which it can help you improve your decision making process and operational management.

We process large and complex set of Data into geospatial visualisation that is fast, familiar, secure and easy to understand.

5 Pilars of


Terralogiq thrives to excel and lead in Geo technology solutions and our own innovative product development services


Global recognition for Terralogiq development services leveraging our valued partners and our own customisable products.

Strategic Approach to Solutions

  • Integrate the spatial component in your business
  • Visualise data with geographic and business information through Google Geo
  • Capability to manage large volumes of data, simplicity and scalability with Google geographic data services
  • Develope highly customized and diverdified business application and development solutions accordingly
  • Provide training on Google Geo interface for the relevant technology to maximize invesment

Product & Services

TerralogiQ as a software house focusing on web dashboards and mobile solutions, can integrate all the needed technology pieces in the customers back office to support complex business applications or govermental agencies, large corporations and other businesses.

Our solution can cover the need to apply an integrated Dashboard for their:

  • Asset Management
  • Intelligent Town Analysis (Smart City)
  • Sales/people Tracking (Asset Tracking)
  • New Market Opportunities Analysis

All under one integrated platform

TerralogiQ has the needed skills to help customers to increase companies performance. By combining our partnership with Google Cloud, we will bring your data visualisation to life at a whole new level, in a high performance and user friendly environment platform.

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